Cordless Vertex Dental Flosser

If you are using cordless Vertex dental flossers don’t have to worry about cables or wires because these products are cordless, in case you forget to bring these cables your Vertex dental flosser will still work. These products are also relatively smaller than the usual electric flossers. They don’t have a large water tank, So when you’re travelling, you don’t have to deal with space issues. These are the battery operated Vertex dental flossers. The cordless Vertex dental flossers has 3 tip attachments including the Classic Jet tip. The ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip. The water tank has easy to fill reservoir & a dual pressure control.

How does the Vertex dental flosser works?

There are two key elements in how the Vertex dental flosser works:-
Pulsation has been shown to be three times more effective than a steady streams. It works by providing a compression & decompression phase that allows for the cleaning bacteria & debris from the pocket.
In terms of pressure, clinical has been established in numerous trials in 60-70 psi range. Studies have found that the Vertex dental flosser with 1200 pulsation per minute set at 60 psi was effective in removing bacteria up to 6 mm.

What makes the Vertex dental flosser so effective in reducing inflammation?

A study conducted that the Vertex dental flosser significantly impacts the most inflammatory response. People with mild to moderate periodical disease who used the dental flosser once daily with water had significant reductions in pro-inflammatory cytokines including those associated with bone & attachment loss. All measurements were taken 8 hours post use to prevent dilution effect. The investigator noted that even though both routine oral hygeine & Vertex dental flosser reduced plaque biofilms, only the Vertex dental flosser group had significant reductions in inflammatory cytokines. Additionally, the reduction in bleeding on probing was related to the reduction in inflammatory cytokines.

How the Vertex Dental flosser can useful for diabetes patients also?

Immaculate mouth care is a must, as diabetes patients are much more prone to gums disease. More frequent dental visits may be needed & careful brushing & flossing are a necessity. Avoid ill-fitting dentures that may cause mouth sores.

Variable tips used for flossing

Classic jet tip:
More effective than string floss for healthier gums. Also helps with a deep clean teeth & beneath the gumline.(general use)

Plaque seeker tip:
More effective than string floss for healthier gums, plus added plaque removal in hard to reach areas.(general use for implants, crows, bridges)

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